Successful Premiere Of College Students 'Ideological And Political Education Stage Play-- "On the Red Rock"

Release Time:2022-06-21 Author:Qin Chuan Editor:Liu kuang

On June 13, the stage play "On the Red Rock(Hongyan)" was successfully premiered in the auditorium of our university. Nearly 200 representatives of teachers and students watched the performance.

The stage drama begins with the celebration of Hongyan spirit, which is introduced from the ideological and political class, the speech under the national flag and other realistic scenes. By constantly changing the two dimensions of history and reality, it shows the inheritance and development of Hongyan spirit among contemporary young college students. While telling the story of Hongyan, it also deeply depicts the feelings of the characters. For example, martyr Liu Guozhi refused to sign his confession, and shouted when he died bravely; Jiang Jie led her cellmates to embroider red flags; The young CQUST student martyrs of reappeared when they sacrificed themselves to bravely resecue the drowning children ... These vivid performances deeply affected the audience. At the end of the performance, the actors and the audience sang "Me and My Motherland."

Based on the touching story of the martyrs of Hongyan who devoted themselves to the revolution and died bravely, and the heroic deeds of two CQUST students who sacrificed themselves to bravely resecue the drowning children , the ideological and political drama of "On the Red Rock" uses stage drama, music, poetry and painting and other artistic performances to eulogize the great revolutionary spirit and the spirit of the times through four chapters, "the nature of Hongyan", "the background of red flag", "red gene" and "On the Red Rock". The hope is that inspired by the spirit of Hongyan, college students in the new era are encouraged to study hard, practice their skills hard, and shoulder the mission bravely, so as to strive to grow into successors and builders of the cause of socialist modernization with Chinese characteristics.

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