Chinese and Foreign Students of Our School Made Great Achievements in the First Chongqing International Chinese Education Competition

Release Time:2022-06-08 Author:Qin Chuan Editor:Liu kuang

From May 31 to June 1, the final of the First Chongqing International Chinese Education Competition was successfully held in Chongqing Normal University. Luo Ruimin, an international student from Kazakhstan majoring in international economics and trade of the School of Law, Politics and Economics of our school, won the second prize, and Li Wenying, a Chinese student majoring in Chinese language and literature of the School of Humanities and Arts, won the Excellence Award.

The preliminary contest of the first Chongqing International Chinese Competition was launched in November 2021, with nearly 1,000 Chinese and foreign students from 45 colleges and universities participating in the competition. After two rounds of competition, a total of 40 Chinese students and 20 international students from 24 colleges and universities entered the finals. In the final, the Chinese student group competed through three rounds: knowledge contest, leaderless group discussion and Chinese language teaching, while the international student group competed fiercely in knowledge contest and Chinese talent show.

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