Our School's Sports Talent Challenge Ends

Release Time:2022-06-15 Author:Qin Chuan Editor:Liu kuang

In order to enrich campus sports culture, enhance teachers and students 'health awareness, and cultivate sports habits, on the afternoon of June 8, the offline competition of Chongqing University of Science and Technology Sports Talent Challenge was held in the school gymnasium.

This challenge was conducted online and offline. In the first stage, uploading sports video was adopted, and 20 excellent sports talents were selected for each event through online mode to enter this offline competition for final competition.

The challenge was divided into teaching staff group and student group respectively. In combination with the physical health test contents and the items suitable for home training, standing long jump, sit-up, plank, rope skipping, etc. are selected as the competition items. On the game field, the contestants were sweating and referees were meticulous in their strict enforcement of standards, amid the loud cheers from an enthused audience. Athletes have gave full play to their indomitable spirit of sports in the competition to be the best. The best results of this competition are more than 30 minutes of planking, 104 push-ups in 1 minute, and 3.06 meters of standing long jump, which attracted applause and cheers from the audience.

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