The University Held Qing Ming Festival Cultural Activities Themed "Remembering and Inheriting the spirit of Martyrs"

Release Time:2022-04-09 Author:Qin Chuan Editor:Liu kuang

On the occasion of Qing Ming Festival,the university held cultural activity of "Remembering the Inheriting Spirit of Martyrs" in 2022.

At noon on April 2, the "Remembering and Inheriting the spirit of Martyrs" Qing Ming Memorial to the Heroes was held in front of the Monument to Heroes by Ling Xiu Lake. Representatives of university faculty and students of Lin Zhong Class participated in this activity. In front of the Monument to Heroes, the teachers and students recalled the heroic deeds of Li Linzhong and Li Hengtai and honored their spirit of sacrificing themselves to save others. In respectful solemnity, teachers and students stood in silent tribute and offered flowers to the heroes. Teachers and students picked up small brushes and solemnly painted the characters red for the Monument to Heroes with great care and respect in their hearts.

The university also carried out the collection of cultural works on the theme of "Remembering and Inheriting the spirit of Martyrs" on Qing Ming Festival, and collected 169 poems, essays, paintings and audio works selected and submitted by 12 general Party branches.

It is known that Qing-Ming-Festival-themed cultural event is one of the "three festivals and two series" cultural activities of the university with the mission to carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and is an important occasion to honor the spirit of Lin Zhong and Hengtai. The event was held online and offline.

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